Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A new line...'mojo' found!

Somewhere between Dec 24 and mid February I lost my 'mojo'. Thank goodness it has returned and I am spending every moment I can creating some new products. I decided a new medium for me was probably what I needed so I dived into to learning a new skill and I am soooooooooooooo happy I did. I have come up with these lovely simple pendants.......
all with embroidery (doilies), material, sewing and knitting themes. To be worn on black leather or a silver chain.

So I got inspired to try a new design for brooches .....

I have also been playing with wool.
These hand knitted Neck Scarves will be available too at the next Handmade Market.

Hope to catch up with alot of my customers and friends there. It is such a meeting place.

Hope you all like where I am at the moment.



  1. Boy, is your mojo ever back on track, girl. Beautiful - can't wait to see you at Handmade... x

  2. Oooooh... LOVE the new mojo!!! The textiles in the pendants are delicious, must get me some. And the new brooches are gorgeous, well done. Roll on Handmade Market! xx

  3. Fantastic Rachelle, love it all. Aren't you so super excited about Handmade's first market??!! Love Posie

  4. Just beautiful and we have them all in store at Shop handmade! yeah....

  5. They look fantastic! Glad you found your mojo - we love it.