Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally Christmas...

can be my focus. Have decided to have a red, blue and white color theme for our Christmas here in Canberra. I have only ever hosted Christmas Day about 3 times before so it is a real treat to be having it at home with family from interstate coming. On the table I thought I would put white damask cloths (mum is bringing) some of my crystal , white and pale blue china (Caroline by Wedgewood), silver cutlery and Red everything else. Apart from wrapping a few presents today I also started my fruit cake and Lilianne made our first batch of gingerbread in dove shapes for gift giving.

This wreath below I made last year with my friend Robyn who loves making Christmas decorations too. For the last 15 years we have made our Christmas cards together Ill post about this years when we get to make them! soon. If you would like to make the wreath the instructions came from the blog Living with Lindsay. Or I see in the latest Inside Out mag that it is available for $250 from a paper company in Sydney.

I worked on the decorating the entry this year. Its nice just to rework things you already have. During the year I had letters representing the initials of our each person in our family and lucky for me I therefore had the N,E and L.
The 'O' is from Shop Handmade its out of a set of 3 embroidery frames. I love how it has turned out.
More to come.

Monday, November 1, 2010

In the Shop

Dropped these to ShopHandmade last week.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

These went off to Tassie

Libby, of Lilipili on Greenhill in Tasmania, always chooses my necklaces, they really did look quite stunning. I aim to get more made for the next Canberra Handmade Market, Dec 4. The crew at Canberra Handmade Market always manage to make each market special, with the Dec 4 market starting at 11am and going till 7pm it will be a little bit twilight.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pendants on their way to Ethiopia

and the HAMLIN Fistula Hospital. My sister-in law, a strong supporter of Dr Catherine Hamlin's work, asked me if we together could make Pendants to give at the graduation ceremony to the first midwifes from the Hamlin Fistula Midwifery College. These are girls from local villages that have been trained as midwives for there own people. Many of you will know of Dr Hamlin's work but if not head over to there website

Straight away we knew what would make up the pendants. The embroideries, that recovering patients do, on one side and a commemorative wording on the other.

The finished pendants.

A real treat to be able to make these. X

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whats in Shop Handmade Canberra at the moment

Ric Rac brooches in these colors

Zipper brooches in these new colors
The Rose brooch


Check out the Handmade Shop website to see all the lovely products by some very talented designers.

A peek at what I've been up to.

Another gorgeous day at Handmade Markets last Sat 11th. Chatting with customers always gives me an energy that I need after many hours preparing and making for the market. Inspiration comes from a comment here and there from an enthusiastic customer that sets me off on another path of creativity. Next Handmade Market is on Sat 4th December where again all designers will rise to the occasion and have products that exceed customers expectations.

Here are some of the designs I have been working on.

'A Day in Town' dress brooches were very popular.

The quote on the card reads:

" For many busy housewives and mothers, a day in town is a rare occasion and something to be planned sometime ahead. There seems to be so many things one can only get at the big shops-school uniforms, dress material of a particular shade, a certain embroidery silk, a birthday present for a friend. However carefully we plan our shopping, there never seems to be enough time and it is a hectic rush from one large store to another to select our purchases.Perhaps the reason is that there are so many varieties to choose from that we dash madly hither and thither, unable to make up our minds. Pity the poor mother who is forced to take a small child on these expedition! then back home in the train or tram, weary, footsore and possibly , regretful that we did not have time to visit one particular store where they just might have had some of that curtain material we were after. Never mind that is something which to start off the shopping list for the next trip to town!' ( extract STITCH Jan 1957 New Zealand)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Handmade Market is on tomorrow!

I cant wait to see all my customers it is such a great day.
It has been an incredible month for me and i think I have achieved the best stock for the market ever! see you there.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Meet the Designer'

Its your lucky week if you are in Canberra on Friday 7th May. Shop Handmade is having a special night 5-8pm with a 'Meet the Designer' evening. It will be a lovely occassion I'm sure, those girls know how to create atmosphere. Invitation is to everyone who loves handmade, no need to RSVP. I will be there from 5-7pm. I dropped these goodies off last week.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Take a look at Shop Handmade

I visited the shop on opening day (last Friday), actually I went twice! Stalker! WOW, is all I can say. It was so fabulous. Hubby had a peak today and said it was busy again. Sales are so good that I am busy making. I do hope you all have a look if you in Canberra. At the markets I don't get to shop, so it was great to buy from other designers.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Shop Handmade opening 16 April

Shop Handmade is opening this Friday 16th April. Here is a sneak peak at how it is looking. FABULOUS......don't you think, I love the white decor with punches of color with wallpaper.

I have a large selection of my goods available for purchase at the shop. Plus many other designers from Handmade markets will be selling their goods in the shop. How easy is it now to pick up the perfect gift between markets.

Hope to see some of my customers in the shop on Friday. Ill be shopping too!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A new line...'mojo' found!

Somewhere between Dec 24 and mid February I lost my 'mojo'. Thank goodness it has returned and I am spending every moment I can creating some new products. I decided a new medium for me was probably what I needed so I dived into to learning a new skill and I am soooooooooooooo happy I did. I have come up with these lovely simple pendants.......
all with embroidery (doilies), material, sewing and knitting themes. To be worn on black leather or a silver chain.

So I got inspired to try a new design for brooches .....

I have also been playing with wool.
These hand knitted Neck Scarves will be available too at the next Handmade Market.

Hope to catch up with alot of my customers and friends there. It is such a meeting place.

Hope you all like where I am at the moment.