Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pendants on their way to Ethiopia

and the HAMLIN Fistula Hospital. My sister-in law, a strong supporter of Dr Catherine Hamlin's work, asked me if we together could make Pendants to give at the graduation ceremony to the first midwifes from the Hamlin Fistula Midwifery College. These are girls from local villages that have been trained as midwives for there own people. Many of you will know of Dr Hamlin's work but if not head over to there website

Straight away we knew what would make up the pendants. The embroideries, that recovering patients do, on one side and a commemorative wording on the other.

The finished pendants.

A real treat to be able to make these. X


  1. Oh please ask me to get involved. I think what both Dr Hamlins did to set this up & bring back dignity to those young mothers through such a simple operation, is simply incredible!! Love Posie

  2. The pendants look so beautiful. What a lovely thing to make for such a great cause.