Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Did I tell you?

Back in May I spotted one of my Zipper brooches on Masterchef......there was great excitement....texts coming in and out, phone calls....madness. I was a little chuffed.

See it on Alana...#*$%...so for a few weeks I told the story, though I was 99% sure it was mine, I wanted to be sure, so this weekend Lilianne and I headed to 'Masterchef Live' in Sydney. Lilianne is a big fan of the show and I went with the mission to speak to Alana......I did feel like a groupie as I ducked and weaved to grab her twice.

To my utter delight she was so approachable that we had a little talk , she told me she had a zipper brooch like the one I was wearing so that lead me to tell her of where I thought hers came from and yes her Aunt had given it to her from Canberra and 'Yes' it was wrapped just like the new one I gave her on the day...She loves her zipper brooches.

So here is us at the 'Masterchef live' show. We had a ball.

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