Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doilie to brooch

Having a fiddle as you do, the doilie edging went from this......

to this.

I then tried a linen edge of a placemat.


  1. Oooh, girl! Love! The linen brooch is partic divine!! Hmmm. May have to tempt you with a new book swapsie at Handmade... how can I live without your brooches? AND PS: I saw a teacher at a local school wearing one - I accosted her and yelled PRIM AND PRETTY!!!! She thought I was utterly mad.

  2. oooh, Rachelle. I just lOVE the doilie brooch.....I am hoping when all this market madness is over that MissChief Maker might be able to stock some. And PS I love the idea of wearing my brooches on my shoes.....I have one with a broken buckle so it's a perfect coverup!!!! Best of luck with the markets this week.