Tuesday, November 24, 2009

christmas handmade market '09

As I sit here in a jumper it is hard to believe that on the market weekend 3 days ago it was a scorching 39 degrees! A busy market it was. New and Old customers dropped by and many friends waved in the distance as some could not get close to the stall. I still have a few orders to meet so I am ploughing through ribbon and fabric for the next few weeks. And loving every moment.

Don't forget you can contact me for purchases, if you missed the market, by writing a comment on my blog then I can email you back, just mention you would like to purchase something. Otherwise don't forget that MissChief Maker at Rodney's Nursery , Pialligo stocks my products and has lovely children's clothes. Take a peek at these gorgeous outfits. One raw edge brooch is on the denium hat and a one off hair accessory is on the lovely brunette.

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  1. Hi there,

    You have alovely blog! I'm so inspired by what you do and I have recieved heaps of lovely comments on the broach I bought from you!
    I tell you what I have been head down backside up since the market I haven't stopped!! Thr first thing I did on the Sunday night was creat the pattern for our dress for Ruby and they look fantastic. I can't wait to show you!

    Well gotta run, take care try not to work too hard nd in case I don't get onto you before Christmas ahhh only weeks away. Have a lovely and safe holiday season!

    XX Rach